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VB CAD was originally established to sell and distribute the books written by Jerry Winters.  Since our beginnings, we have added services to meet the demands of our clients.  Programming, Consulting, Training, Technical Support, and Software Development is now being provided for large and small companies around the world.  That's about it for our services.   The question, "What is VB CAD about?" is best answered by questioning "What is Jerry Winters about?".

Jerry Winters is a trained AutoCAD drafter.  It took little time for him to figure out the fact that computers can do some things faster than people can.  He began creating tools for the companies he worked for.  These tools did everything from batch plotting to writing out complex curve information for a mining operation.  His exposure to Visual Basic began in 1993 when a need to create a Windows program to perform routine calculations surfaced.  After that project was done, he wrote a program to create shop drawings based on the user filling out a door schedule.  This program took a 30 minute task down to about 3 minutes.  The time saved by using this program was spent learning more and programming more.

In response to a newspaper ad for "AutoCAD / PC Technical Support", Jerry began working for Advantage Computing in Salt Lake City, Utah.   AutoCAD R14 was released about a year after he started at Advantage, and he began training AutoCAD users in Utah on how to customize AutoCAD with Visual Basic.  No training manual for VBA training for AutoCAD?  Not a problem.  Jerry began the "AutoCAD Visual Basics" series of books.  The first was for R14.  The second for customizing AutoCAD through the use of Microsoft Excel.  The third is for AutoCAD 2000.  And others have followed. 

In addition to training in Salt Lake City, Utah, he provides exclusive training for Cybertek Training Centers in California.  His training has benefited companies such as Nucor Steel, Disney Imagineering, AMD, and Universal Studios.  Although his programming capabilities are at a very high level, his background results in training and books that are provided on the level of AutoCAD users.   This has resulted in comments such as "This is the best training I have ever had for anything" and "I can't believe it!   I actually understood a book about programming".  Jerry has provided training content and VBA Macros for Autodesk's VIP program and is a top-rated speaker at Autodesk University.

For more information about VB CAD, contact us at (801) 508-0106 or via e-mail at jerryw@vbcad.com.   


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